10 Cheeky Monkeys Auslan Book Set - Inc book PLUS Auslan DVD and 10 monkey finger puppets

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This set can be used to act out the story of 10 Cheeky Monkeys jumping on the bed. It includes the book plus Auslan DVD and 10 monkey finger puppets that are full bodied and can also be used as monkey toys; that's over $100 in value

The beautifully illustrated soft cover book is one of our Peek-A-Boo book, with each page including a hole that reveals an image from the next page. It is 29 X 29cm. The DVD of the story includes the illustrations of the book and is signed 'page by page' and beautifully presented in Auslan, with voice over and captioning. The 10 monkeys are all full bodied finger puppets with elasticated entrances and are approx 12cm tall.

Making this a great set for the home and classroom. Add a simple bed you can make from a tea towel and old cardboard box and children can act the story out as on their own.

About the Money Puppets

PLEASE NOTE; the monkey puppets are having supply difficulties, so some kits may contain the black monkeys in the photo instead or orangutan. 

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