Auslan Childrens Picture Dictionary Volume 1 (Set of 10)

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This is a 10 pack of the first Volume of the Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Picture Dictionary series for children.

This is the third edition of the very popular first volume in the childrens picture dictionary series. It includes descriptions and now includes 480 signs (up from 300 last edition)

Signs will be found under the topics Farm animals, Pets, Birds, Water Animals, Describing Animals, Colours, Shapes, Drinks, Fruit and Vegetables, Places in the House, Furniture, Appliances, My Family, At the Circus, At the Park/Playground, Inside Play, Outdoor Play, Everday signs and Question Signs.
Listing includes a line art drawing of the sign, a photo of the object/concept being signed and a description of how to do the sign. There is an alphabetical index; plus a picture and number based navigation system, so the user does not have to be able to read to look up signs.

It is perfect (glue) bound and 29 x 20.5cm in size. 115 pages.

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