Auslan LOTE Teaching Guide - Stage 1

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About the LOTE teaching guides

These teaching kits include everything you need to teach Auslan as a LOTE.

Each guide including 2 years of material!

They includes curriculum objectives and assessment material and a full class curricula for both years. Full sign lists for every topic, and for the whole curriculum by year.

Each learning topic includes

  • A teachers reference dictionary for the topic, including hints on how to help students learn and remember each sign.
  • Student handouts, games and activities
  • Assessment tools

2nd year topics revise the year before, which is also beneficial for students new to the school, or when starting a Auslan LOTE program within a school.

Generally topics flow naturally from noun groups, into adjectives and verbs that relate to that noun, then into a Bring-It-Together topic that joins words to begin to form sentences and more elaborate communication (Eg Farm animals followed by colours, then into Bring-it-Together topic that sets up for description + noun combinations like pink pig)

As you work through the programs the Bring-It-Together topics are constantly drawing on past topics to extend and expand communication in more detailed ways.


Was designed for beginners with no reading capabilities required. Most commonly being adopted in years 1-2, but also in years 7-8.

It includes the following topics. 

  • Animals : Farm Animals, Creatures With Wings, Pets, Fish and Water Dwellers.
  • Descriptive Signs : Colours, Shapes, Describing Animals (basic introduction).
  • Places, People, Family : My Family, At The Circus.
  • Numbers : Numbers 1 to 10.
  • At School : In the Play Ground, Places at School, Basic Introduction, Inside Play, Outside Activities and Games.
  • Around the House : Places in my House, Furniture, Appliances.
  • Shopping and Food : Fruit, Vegetables.
  • Greetings and General Communication : Question Signs, Everyday Words.
  • Special Events : Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Holidays.
  • About Auslan, Signing People and Deaf Culture

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