My Busy Day

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This is a must have, practical aid for parents that defers control and understanding of daily routines over to the child in a clear and easy to use manner.

The My Busy Day set includes a full colour A4 vinyl magnet chart, to put on the fridge or any magnetic surface. PLUS 50 Magnetic activity tiles - each with fun, clear illustrations and a title.

Activity tiles are colour coded, to help children group activities and understand routines:

  • Light Blue activities occur in the morning; like breakfast, and getting dressed.
  • Dark blue in the afternoon and evening; like dinner, bath time and sleep
  • Purple signifies active things like going to the park, gymnastics and swimming
  • Red activities are special times, like holidays, parties and cuddles
  • Orange activities are sedentary, like television time
  • Lilac activities are social, like kindy, childcare and playgroup
  • Green items will need a parents guidance, like car time and shopping
  • Brown tiles are spares- for you to customise

The left side of the chart is green with space for 7 morning activities. The right is blue for 7 afternoon activities. You assign the tasks in the left columns and when tasks are completed your child can slide them across to the right column. At the base is a purple section where you can place reward stars.

There are 50 task tiles, each 25 X 25 mm, as follows:
Breakfast, clean teeth, toilet time, get dressed, lunch, snack, swimming, sport, dance, gymnastics, park, outdoor, walk/ride, library, arts and craft, read books, table top play, toys, games and puzzles, music, cuddle time, holiday, party, surprise, television time, computer time, kindy/childcare, playgroup, visit friends, nap, snack, dinner, toilet time, bath time, clean teeth, players, sleep, car time (3 tiles), job time, shopping time, church, visit (adult), 2 customisable blank tiles and 4 star reward tiles.

Format: Magnetic board and magnets
Weight: 230 grams

Author: Magnetic Moves

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