My Busy School Week

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This is a must have, practical aid for parents that defers control and understanding of daily routines over to the child in a clear and easy to use manner.

The My Busy School Week set includes a full colour A4 vinyl magnet chart, to put on the fridge or any magnetic surface. PLUS 50 Magnetic activity tiles - each with fun, clear illustrations and a title. PLUS 2 blank tiles for you to customise.

Activity tiles are colour coded, to help children group activities and understand routines:

  • Light Blue activities occur in the morning; like breakfast, and getting dressed.
  • Dark blue in the afternoon and evening; like homework, bath time and sleep
  • Purple signifies active things like swimming, sports and dance
  • Red activities are special times, like playtimes and cuddles
  • Orange activities are school related, like show and tell, tests and library bag
  • Green items will need a parents guidance, like job time and instrument practice
  • Brown tiles are spares- for you to customise

The top part of the chart documents the week not only by day, but also into morning and afternoon routines. The bottom half of the chart allows you to set tasks, that your child can slide down when completed. These could be things like pack bag; unpack lunch box and so on. On the right side on the chart you can provide rewards (5 star reward magnet tiles include).

There are 50 task tiles, each 25 X 25 mm, as follows: Day, Night, breakfast, clean teeth, brush hair, sunscreen, make bed, get dressed, shoes and socks, pack bag, homework due, tuckshop (2 tiles), show and tell, test, music, library, library bag, swimming (2 tiles), sports (2 tiles), dance (2 tiles), swimming bag, sports bag, dance bag, play time, reading, cuddle time, snack time, put bag away, unpack lunch box, homework, dinner, toilet time, bath time, pyjamas, prayers, sleep, chores, practice (instrument), church.

Format: Magnetic board and magnets
Weight: 230 grams

Author: Magnetic Moves

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