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This set includes : My Busy School Week,
My Busy Day
The Weekend add-on pack

Together you get:
110 activity tiles
2 A4 charts - 1 documenting to do tasks for today (morning and afternoon). The other documenting your week, day by day.

For full details please see the individual items.

We put this pack together so that you could get all the activity tiles in one bundle at a discount. We found that, especially with primary school children, we needed a mixture of tiles from each set to complete the charts. Personally, we use the to do lists the most (from my busy day). My son has autism (11yrs old) and this has meant I do not have to repeat requests and he does not have to get muddled by thinking about multi step requirements. The school week chart also demystifies the school week- what is going to happen today? When is Swimming and so on. I highly recommend this pack!

Format: Magnetic boards and magnet set
Weight: 500 grams

Author: Magnetic Moves

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