Old Macdonald had a Farm - Board Book - by Childs Play

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Old Macdonald had a farm - Board Book Version. Classic Books with Holes Series.
All time favourite song illustrated using the die cut hole in a book form. Cut outs of each animal on a farm appears in this book as it is added to the very familiar song. When you turn the page the sound that each animal makes, is written in the cut out shape. Old Macdonald wears a kilt and the Loch Ness Monster is pictured so that those parents who wish, may go from this book to an atlas and discuss social studies.

Title: Old Macdonald had a farm Board Book
Format: Board Book, Childrens
Pages: 14
Weight: 203 grams
Dimensions: 160 x 160 mm

ISBN: 9780859536622

Author: Childs Play

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