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The Teachers Choice Award winning Time Timer MOD is here! Finally, a Time Timer with the style and durability of the Time Timer PLUS in a size that's portable and easy to use anywhere - from your office desk to the kitchen counter

Are you looking for a 60-minute visual timer for personal or one-to-one use, that just so happens to also match you style perfectly? Meet the Time Timer MOD family. The Time Timer MOD is our line of desktop-sized, individual 60-minute visual timers. Why do we call this line the MOD? Because it is MODERN and MODULAR! There are options to mix and match within the line. Read on to learn more about the MOD!


All Time Timer MOD visual timers provide a 60-minute time management tool (set for any duration between 1 minute and 60 minutes). This line of visual timers has a clear lens that protects the colored disk. If you are looking to customize, this family of products allows for a soft silicone case that can help protect your timer from minor everyday bumps. Perfect for on the go and transporting from room to room, desk to desk, or office to office. Available in 3 different models, multiple colors, and various accessories. Learn about the Time Timer MOD editions below and find the best fit for you!

Time Timer MOD – Education Edition

What Makes the Time Timer MOD - Education Edition Perfect for Educators?

  • Includes Free Time Timer Desktop App ($19.95 Retail Value) so you can share a digital version of the Time Timer with your class
  • Includes one Silicone Case for additional protection and durability in the classroom

Extra Silicone MOD Covers available for purchase to customize your Time Timer MOD or create “centers” in your classroom

The Time Timer MOD – Education Edition is the perfect classroom time management tool for managing your own time as a teacher, working 1-on-1, or transporting from desk to desk. Available in Charcoal Gray, Lime Green, or Sky Blue, there is a color for every style that can be interchanged based on the needs of the classroom. Different stations or small groups, different colors. Or use one color when students can ask questions openly, and one to signify students should work through problems until time is done. Each MOD - Education Edition timer comes with one (1) silicone case. Pick out some Extra Silicone Cases to add some fun and functionality!

In addition, the Education Edition comes with a free download of the Time Timer Desktop App. This is an essential tool for the classroom, allowing educators to run and project multiple customized timers at once. Run timers or different durations, colors, and sequences.

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