We are an environmental sensitivity company.
We make a concerted effort to produce our products and run the business with the minimum of environmental impact.


We carefully consider all our products with a focus on minimising packaging. When it comes time to send your products out, we use the minimum amount of plastic. We use and reuse heavy paper envelopes and cardboard boxes, which come from a renewable resource and are easily recycled. We have never bought polystyrene beads or bubble wrap. If you receive any of these in a pckage from us, it is because we a re-using the packing sent to us.
Our tape is manufactured by Biogone and is biodegradable!


When we print products in our printroom, we use enviromentally sensitive products wherever practicable. Our printers are selected for their low evironmental footprint. Our paper is sources wherever possible from farmed trees, is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified for quality and environmental management.

Most waste is handled on site. Paper offcuts are composted onsite, while cardboard and coated papers are sent for recycling. Our weekly landfill waste is less than half of a small wheelie bin.