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Bilby Publishing has been producing and distributing disability support materials for over 25 years. During that time we have adopted into our creator family many amazing people we would like to introduce you to.

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Lee Bilby

Lee Bilby

Lee Bilby started down her Auslan journey in high school, when one of her friends taught her the alphabet, but in truth, it was the birth of her deaf son that changed her life forever (not just in the OMG I am a mum way) and firmly threw her into the signing world.

Although Lee is hearing impaired (mild hearing loss since a young age) and part of a multi generational Deaf family, she was raised to be hearing and oral. She had speech therapy through her high school years, but struggled to understand teachers in the classroom. She steered towards less talkie subjects like maths, which she excelled at and won numerous state competition prizes through out high school. She also loved art and illustrating, but struggled with English and spelling. Its hard to sound a word out when you did not hear all the syllables!

Her school had a reputation to uphold and did not want her to sit for VCE. She was having none of that and fought for her rights, with the advocacy and support of the head of English, who one on one tutored her. Lee proudly graduated with 97% in English and very high VCE results. Having already completed Graphic designa t Melbourne school of art, she went off to study what her father called a real degree (combined Business computing at monash with majors in Accounting and Corporate law); where she found herself working for a blind lecturer and then advocating for disability rights on campus. To be honest Lee, on reflection, has been fighting for educational rights in one way or another ever since.

Once her son was born, this focus turned to the right to an Education in Auslan, and as this is not her biography, we will abridge to Bilby Publishing was born, and today continues on the battle to change the world and increase inclusiveness for Auslan using people.

Lee has numerous University degrees and diploma (including in Auslan and World Health and United Nations qualifications in Disability Support).

It is fair to say that she has spent her life studying and learning so that she can change the world.

She has 50 published works from the Auslan Dictionary, to children's books, curricula material and more. She is also the illustrator of the many thousands of signs you will find on

Lee is proud of all that she has achieved and that she could help countless others including many of the names here to publish their works. 

Lee Bilby's in print works 


Marie Kerwin

Marie Kerwin

Marie is an outstanding performer whose focus shifted to Auslan based songs when her son James was born deaf. Later this focus shifted towards writing incredible children's stories that integrated Auslan and English together seamlessly to help new parents read stories in Auslan to their deaf children.

Her stories and songs are timeless and draw on her education background and experience raising a deaf son in a largely non-Auslan familiar world to help make the path smoother for future generations.

Marie's works (note this link includes the works of her son James as they often co-wrote and produced)


James Kerwin

James Kerwin

James Kerwin is an incredible talented actor, writer and teacher. He is also Deaf and one of the first Australian Deaf people to graduate from university with a teaching degree and is an experienced and is a qualified and registered school teacher.

He has taught in mainstream setting as well as in the area of Deaf support within schools. He is also an excellent Auslan teacher. 

James and grew up in Queensland.

James' works (note this includes the works of his mother Marie as they often co-wrote and produced)


Australian Deaf Theatre

Australian Theatre of the Deaf
First established in 1973 the amature theatre group toured Australia throughout the 70's and 80's. We were introduced to them through Nigel Coats in the late 90's, with their collection of then video based stories in Auslan beautifully performed by the theatre group. Bilby Publishing took over management of the productions and proudly remasters the works as technology evolves to maintain ongoing access to these lovely stories.

Works by the Australian Deaf Theatre 


Lisa Mills

Lisa Mills

Lisa is an entrepreneur, qualified teacher, author, deaf actress, and mum of two. She is dedicated to helping you improve signed communication communication skills and helping people connect with others through sign language.

A deaf Australian from birth and married to a British deaf man, she is trilingual in spoken English, Auslan and BSL (British Sign Language).  

She is truly an inspirational person whose energy apparently knows no bounds. 

Lisa's current works 


Cathy Clun 

Cathy Clun is a foster-carer of nine children, through her efforts to help children in need, Cathy is constantly updating and acquiring new skills and resources to meet the needs of the many children who have needed a home. In her efforts to provide a supportive environment for her children, Cathy organised a basic signing book to meet the multicultural needs of children in North Queensland, enlisting the help of artist and illustrator Danielle Sinclair.

At the time Danielle met Cathy, Danielle had completed a diploma of creative arts and began studying a bachelor of social work, making a commitment to help people and the community. Danielle while studying full-time volunteers in her local community and provides respite care for foster families. Through their friendship and commitment to children they have created this book as a tool to help with communication and understanding.

 Cathy's works


Carol O'Reilly

Carol Oreilly

Carol was born in Sydney in 1940 to eminent ENT Specialist the late Dr Fredrick Wilkie-Smith. Carol was born daf after her mother contracted Rubella while pregnant. Carol was rase in an oral education and home environment, only learning Auslan in her 20's. Among her many achievements she is credited with bringing Auslan interpreters to the Cains area for the first time through relentless lobbying of government. 

Most recently her attention has been on documenting the hardships and experiences of Deaf Australians, racking up thousands of kilometers across the country interviewing and then writing these stories within two volumes of "Deaf Australian Stories"

Carol's in print works 


Sofya Gollan

Sofya Gollan

Sofya is an award-winning director and writer of documentary and drama films. Her films have screened in major international festivals over the decade. n acting graduate of National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) she moved from a successful acting career to filmmaking, holding a Masters in Directing (AFTRS).

Sofya was born deaf and you may know her from her role as Play School presenter where she introduced Auslan to the mainstream in a groundbreaking way.