5 Speckled Frogs song card and puppet set

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Learning about Insects In Auslan!
This beautiful little kit includes an A4 (297 X 21 cm) cello coated card picturing the 5 little speckled frogs song in Auslan. At the base of the song card there are also 6 different insects children can choose from for their frog to eat (bee, butterfly, caterpillar, lady bug, snail or spider)

The back of the song card includes detailed descriptions of how to sign all the insects, plus larger versions of the sign illustrations

The set also includes a large Green frog full hand puppet with wide opening month; and 6 insect finger puppets:
Furry Bee (9cm fury body with clear wings)
Beautiful Butterfly (9.5 cm wing span, silk like body)
Hairy green and Yellow Caterpillar (9.5 cm long)
Dainty Ladybug (8cm wide)
The Giant Snail (10 cm tall)
The Hairy spider (8cm long with a big smile)
All finger puppets have elasticised entrances so that they stay firm on child and adult fingers.

Comes in a great reusable and durable PVC plastic storage bag.

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