Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Children's Picture Dictionary Volume 1

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Now there is a range of dictionaries to help Children (and their parents and teachers) learn Auslan (Australian Sign Language) with little or no reading.

These books are designed to help you learn signs on a topic and then use those signs in your daily life. For example, use the 'Fruit and Vegetable' category in Volume 1 to learn the signs and then practice them during fruit break at school or when preparing dinner at home.

Who are these dictionaries for?
These dictionaries have been especially designed to help children learning Auslan as a LOTE (Language Other Than English) at school, as their first language, or to communicate with friends or relatives. They are also very popular with parents, carers and teachers. Volume 1 and 2 do not require reading, with page numbers also being able to be navigated pictorially. Due to the increased complexity of material covered, Volume 3 does require some reading.

Each sign has (where possible):

  • Title of the sign in English
  • Description of how to do the sign
  • Picture of the item being signed (especially beneficial for pre-readers and deaf children, for whom English is a second language)
  • Illustration of the Auslan Sign.
  • State usage notes, where relevant. (For example the sign for 'blue' is different in NSW & QLD vs VIC, WA, SA, TAS & NT)
The series aims to gently guide children through vocabulary building to sentence development and eventually structured conversation, with each volume increasing in complexity.

The winner of the most popular sign language product for 2009 was the  Auslan Children's Picture Dictionary, Volume 1 An innovative book released in 2007 which quickly taken Australia by storm.

It is the first dictionary of its kind. It does not require the user to have any ability to read what so ever! Every sign includes a pictorial representation of the object, as well as the English word (to help encourage English literacy) and a description of how to perform the sign (which is most beneficial for teachers and parents). Signs are also represented not in English word order but under categories. A system that makes more sense to a deaf student and has revolutionised their ability to look up English words in the classroom.

It is no surprise then that the book has been so readily adopted in classrooms and homes across the country and won this most prestigious award.

This is the new 2013 edition of the very popular first volume in the children's picture dictionary series. It includes descriptions and now includes 480 signs (up from 300 last edition).
Signs will be found under the topics :


  • Animals:
    • Farm Animals
    • Pets
    • Birds
    • Water Animals
  • Descriptors:
    • Describing Animals (basic)
    • Colours
    • Shapes
  • Eat, Drink, Cook:
    • Drinks
    • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Around the House:
    • Places in the House
    • Furniture
    • Appliances
  • Places, People and Family:
    • Family
    • Circus
  • Activities and Games:
    • At the Park/Playground
    • Inside Play
    • Outdoor Activities and Games
  • Daily Communication:
    • Everyday Signs
    • Question Signs

The dictionary includes an alphabetical index
The dictionary also includes a pictorial representation of the subcategory, located next to the page number at the base of each page. These cross correlate with the pictorial based content page; making this dictionary easy to navigate for young children, without the need to be able to understand and navigate page numbering!

We believe that together, the extra features of this Picture Dictionary make it the easiest dictionary for young children ever developed!

Book Summary:
Contains: 480+ Auslan Signs, 115 Pages
Type: 20 x 28 cm Perfect (glue spine) Bound book
ISBN: 9780975779781

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