Auslan Childrens Flash Cards 1 - Indoor Activities and Games

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These Auslan Children's Picture Flashcards cover the topics Inside Play, and match with category from the book: Auslan Children's Picture Dictionary Volume 1

Cards are double sided. One side picturing a beautiful illustration of the animal and the English word, the other a black and white line art illustration of the sign (where applicable alternative signs and/or sign variations are also pictured).

Signs included in this set are:
Aeroplane, Balloon, Blackboard, Block, Build, Books, Box, Cars, Computer, Cook (X2), Crayon, Dance, Doll, Draw, DVD, Game, Inside, Jigsaw, Knitting, Make, Motorbike, Music, Paint, Paste, Plasticine, Play, Puppet, Read, Robot, Scissors, Sew, Share, Sing, Story, Teddy Bear, Thread, Toys, Train (electric), Train (steam), Tram, Truck, TV, Video, Write.

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