Auslan Childrens Flash Cards 1 - Places, People and Family

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These Auslan Children´s Picture Flashcards cover the topics of At the Circus and My Family. These topics match with categories from the book: Auslan Children´s Picture Dictionary Volume 1

Cards are double sided. One side picturing a beautiful illustration of the animal and the English word, the other a black and white line art illustration of the sign (where applicable alternative signs and/or sign variations are also pictured).

Signs included in this set are:
Aunt, Baby, Brother, Caravan, Children, Circus, Clown, Cousin, Daddy, Daughter, Elephant, Family, Father, Grandfather(x2), Grandmother(x2), Half Brother, Half Sister, Juggler, Lion, Magician, Monkey, Mother, Mummy, Nephew, Niece(x2), Parents(x2), Puppet, Seal, Sister, Son, Step Father, Step Mother, Tiger, Tightrope, Uncle.

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