Auslan Childrens Flash Cards - Telling Time

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This box includes 2 sets of Auslan Time Cards. Each set includes cards for 1 to 12 o'clock and cards for all 5 minute intervals, as well as time descriptor cards PAST, To, Quarter, Half, and Three Quarter.

Cards are single sided (except past and to).
Each card id 9 X 5.2cm (business card size), with a matt finish.

Signs are clearly illustrated and have the English words written under sign.

PAST and TO are featured on the same card (PAST front, TO back) so you can lay cards out to make the time. Eg 5 TO 4'clock. There are two PAST/TO cards, the first is "aulan" for past/before and to/future; the second card is fingerspelling.

These cards are featured in the Analogue/Digital Time Teaching Kit and match signs used within the Stage 2 Lote teaching Kit. 

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