Auslan Childrens Picture Dictionary Volume 2 , 3rd Edition

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This second volume of Childrens Picture Dictionary includes over 615 signs (up from 320 in the previous edition), and ungrades old illustrations and clipart to photos, and more clear easy to follow sign illustrations; while retailing descriptions of sign performance, state usage info (now represented by coloured maps of Australia) and hints to help you remember signs.

Signs are presented under the topics:

  • Animals:
    • Insects
    • Reptiles
    • Native Australian Animals
  • Descriptive Signs:
    • Describing animals (sub topics of Skin Type, Hair, Size, Body, Horns and Tusks, Homes, Food, Behaviour)
    • Describing People (sub-topics of Body, Face, Hair and Hair colour)
    • Emotions and Feelings (intermediate)
  • Eat, Drink, Cook:
    • Cooking words
    • Before your begin
    • Warnings
    • Utensils
    • Ingredients
  • Places, People and Family:
    • Occupations
    • Items At Work
  • Numbers and Measurements:
    • Numbers 1 to 1000
    • Years and Long Numbers
    • Fractions
    • Days and Months
    • Measurements in Cooking
    • Describing Measurements

The dictionary includes an alphabetical index
The dictionary has a pictorial representation of the subcategory, located next to the page number at the base of each page. These work with the picture based content page; making this dictionary easy to navigate for young children, with out the need to be able to understand and navigate page numbering!

We believe that, together, the extra features of this Picture Dictionary make it the easiest dictionary for young children ever developed!

Book Summary:
 615+ Auslan Signs, 116 Pages
Type: 20 X 28 cm Perfect Bound book
ISBN: 9781921391859

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