Auslan Childrens Picture Dictionary Volume 3 (Ed 3)(Set 10)

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This is a class set of 10 copies of the 3rd Volume of the Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Picture Dictionary series includes more than 350 signs and expands on vocablory already learned through Volume 1 and 2.

This book was updated in 2018 to match the newer versions of previous volumes. Clipart images were updated to instead now feature a photo with each sign (where ever possible). Auslan illustrations are now cropped at the waist, to allow each image a more close up view, with expansion boxs showing second positions. In addition topics covered shifted to account for the expansion in volume 2 and to further evolve readers into more advanced concepts.

Signs in this volume are divided under the categories:
Animals - Zoo Animals
Numbers- 1 to 1000, Years and Dates, Ages and Birthdays, Money
People and Places - Countries, Australian States and Capitals; Nature; Weather; Classroom
Eat, Drink, Cook - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack and Desserts
Advanced topics- Meet and Greet; Tense in Auslan
The Need To Read
Unlike our other volumes, this edition does require the ability to read to use advanced topics in particular. Earlier topics can be used without reading and page numbers are identified by a topic illustration as well as page numbers to help navigation pictorially.


This book is perfect bound and A4 in size.

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