Auslan Feelings - Intermediate. A3 Poster

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Feelings Poster 2: Intermediate

The second feelings poster has been designed to take signing feelings and emotions to the next stage. It includes 20 signs a selection of which are more obscure in meaning, in general a little more complex than the Beginner Edition. Signs include:

Strong, Patient, Forgetful, Nice, Like,m Brave, Okay, Tired, Friendship, Naughty, Lost, Needy, Gentle, Headache, Kind, Lazy, Surprised, Troubled, Crying, Problem.


Also available in this series: 

Feelings Poster 1: Beginner

The first feelings poster has been designed for young children includes 19 signs for everyday action based feeling signs. Signs included :

Happy, Sad, Good, Bad, Angry, Frightened, Hungry, Thirsty, Cold, Hot (sweaty), Silly, Upset, Love, Pain/Hurt, Sleepy, Sick, How are you?, Sorry and Thanks

Feelings Poster 3: Advanced

With the last feelings poster in the series we not only introduce more complex emotions, like conscience, depression and concern, but also explore why the signs are the way they are. Signs include:

Lucky, Unlucky, Hopeful, Secretive, Confused, Conscience, Curious, Concern. Depressed, Quarrel, Pain (physical)

The poster then explains the groups of emotion signs, such as emotions that involve the head vs the heart and how this influences the location of the sign. It groups emotions that relate to the 'bad' hand-shape. 

This poster seeks to educate the reader and help them to more fully understand the Auslan signs for emotions.


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