Auslan Flashcards For Beginners

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Everyday vocabulary in easy to remember signing pairs. Eg: Girl / Boy. Please / Thank You. Hot / Cold
These sign have been selected to provide high reward-benefit for your little one when they utilise the sign, making them easily adoptable in to daily vocabulary.

As seen in the Australian TV series "Off Spring"


This large set of cards comes presented in a practical clear, resealable PVC bag. Cards depict a large clear illustration of the sign, the English word, beautiful clipart illustration of the object and a description of how to perform the sign.

Signs included:Ball, Doll, Boy, Girl, Clean, dirty, Eat, Drink, Hot, Cold, Dad, Mum, Happy, Sad, Awake, Sleep, Toilet, Bath, Hungry, Milk, Please, Thankyou, Yes, No, Gone, More, Careful, Hurt, Good, Finish, What, Where, Smelly

Each card is 145 x 205 mm, single sided and cello coated. 

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