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This item has a printing error where signs for symbols (Eg full stop and comma signs) did not print on pages 37 and 40 . There is also a word formatting error on page 41 where the words "My birthday is 23 November are in invisible ink (did not print) :)

We have added a sticker on the inside cover detailing the issues (see image)

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About book

The workplace book has had a re-work and update in 2023. The new edition is perfect bound (old one was spiral), includes some minor edits and a number of additional photos to accompany signs.

It remains one of our most popular books because of the easy way it guides reader through everyday workplace signs, and also incorporates an introduction to grammar. Each chapter can be used standalone, or work through the book in a natural progression of complex communication.

"I wrote this book because even within my own workplace I saw signing people separated from non-signing people in the office, the social chit chat and interaction was limited. I wanted to change that, and make all workplaces a little more accessible for sign dependent people." Lee Bilby, author

This book can start as a tool at reception, to help your company greet and interact with signing visitors, make appointments for future visits, and generally increase the friendliness of the first meeting point for signing people. However when adopted as an office tool it will help your non-signing staff to communicate the everyday needs of a general workplace; where things are, who people are, and tasks that you need completed in a basic way.

This extensive workplace guide divides signs under the topics:
- Reception: Common language required by reception  to meet and greet visitors, simple signs you would require for a waiting room , Making an appointment, and fingerspelling

- Communication:  Addresses, Emails, Phone numbers etc. Includes numbers to 1000, and other helpful signs

- Asking Questions: Including an introduction to facial expressions and grammar

- Office Supplies: Every day equipment like the photocopier and hole-punch

- Pronouns and People: Pronouns and family based signs

- Times and Dates: Telling time, days, months years and dates. Ages and birthdays and other time based descriptors

- Directions: Where is it? Giving directions and naming places

- Instructions: Drawing in the vocab from other sections this section gives you the tools to provide complex instructions in Auslan

- Descriptions: This section adds to and expands on verb and adverb vocabulary already covered to expand the complexity of your communication

- Lunch Break: Tea or coffee anyone? This section covers kitchen and food based chat you would commonly see in an office.

- Social signs: The chit chat section this is about going out on the weekend, weather, seasons and holidays, transport and alike.

- Occupations: A mini dictionary of common occupations

Each sign listing not only includes signs with detailed descriptions, but also hints to help you remember the sign and context information.

Topics also include sentence and phrase examples and a gentle introduction to Auslan grammar.

This book includes signs for 569 words, PLUS over 100 phrases.


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