Auslan LOTE Teaching Guide - Stage 1

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About the guide

It includes the following topics. 
Animals : Farm Animals, Creatures With Wings, Pets, Fish and Water Dwellers. Descriptive Signs : Colours, Shapes, Describing Animals (basic introduction). Places, People, Family : My Family, At The Circus.
Numbers : Numbers 1 to 10. At School : In the Play Ground, Places at School, Basic Introduction, Inside Play, Outside Activities and Games. Around the House : Places in my House, Furniture, Appliances. Shopping and Food : Fruit, Vegetables. Greetings and General Communication : Question Signs, Everyday Words. Special Events : Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Holidays. About Auslan, Signing People
and Deaf Culture

This product includes everything you need to teach AUSLAN LOTE over a 2 year period, to beginners that may have no reading capability (eg Grade 1 and 2). It includes curriculum objectives and assessment material and a full class curricula for both years. Full sign lists for every topic, and for the whole curriculum by year.
It is designed as a precursor to the Stage 2 Guide, however the LOTE 2 can also stand alone. 
This guide was originally written with primary school children in mind, however it has been used in high schools as a gentle introduction to AUSLAN as a LOTE

Each topic includes teaching notes, activities, games, songs, all hand out
material, a quick reference dictionary for teachers, including descriptions
of how to do the signs and hints on how to teach them!

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