Auslan LOTE Teaching Guide - Stage 2

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This is an extensive teaching guide that can be used without first implementing stage 1. We have had many high schools use this as a year 7-8 starting program for their LOTE years with great success.

The Auslan LOTE Teaching Guide - Stage 2 is a 2 year program that assumes no prior learning, however can also follow on nicely from the LOTE 1 guide which is designed for very yourng children (5-7years). This system can be used with grade 4-5 children, or as stated above older children as a first stage to LOTE in High school years. Students will need some reading capabilities to complete all tasks. 

Each section follows on from the previous building the students general vocabulary and comunication capabilities. Every section includes extrensive teaching notes including hints not only on how to teach each sign but also how to help children remeber the signs. There are full guides as to activities for each topic, and every section includes games, worksheets and activities handouts.

Throughout the program students will not just build vocab, but also aquire an introduction to grammar, and a deeper understanding of why signs are the way they are.
An extrensive and complete teaching guide, LOTE 2 is used in hundreds of schools across the country and highly recommended.


Presented in a Durable folder with plastic dividers and pockets packed full of resources.

  • Grade 3 Topics
  • Insects and Reptiles
  • Numbers 1-10
  • Bring-It-Together - Which Animal Do You Like?
  • Emotions and Feelings (basic)
  • Bring-It-Together - How Are You and About Me
  • Basic Measurements and Big Numbers
  • Bring-It-Together - Let's Cook Something Easy
  • My Family
  • Describing People
  • Bring-It-Together - About My Family
  • Grade 4 Topics
  • Australian Animals
  • Describing Animals (extended)
  • Bring-It-Together - Which Animal Did That?
  • Emotions and Feelings (Extended)
  • Alphabet (Fingerspelling)
  • Bring-It-Together - More About Me
  • More Measurements, Fractions, Times & Dates
  • Cooking Words
  • Bring-It-Together - How Do You Cook That?
  • Describing People (Entended)
  • Occupations and Items at Work
  • Bring-It-Together - What do you know about me?

Optional Topics
Brithdays, Easter and Christmas

CD-Rom with Menu for navigating all the printable handouts
Something To Sign About DVD with 11 original Auslan Songs
Pad of Award Certificates

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