Can Bear Ski?

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A heart warming story that tracks a father-and-son journey into the discovery and management of deafness; and teaches the reader technics for the home and classroom that help aid communication and inclusion.

Boy Bear cannot hear Dad Bear coming to wake him up in the morning but he can
 feel the floor vibrate with his heavy footsteps. He can only grasp little bits of what his teacher says to him at school. He cannot catch what his friends are laughing at. And, all the time, Boy Bear keeps hearing the question, “Can Bears ski?” What does it mean? With the support of Dad Bear, Boy Bear visits an audiologist and, eventually, he gets hearing aids. Suddenly, he understands the question everyone has been asking him: "CAN YOU HEAR ME?"

Raymond, the author, draws on his own experience to show how isolating it can be for a deaf child in a hearing world. But through his lyrical and moving words, matched with Polly's stunning imagery, he also shows how many ways there are to communicate love. With a solid network, Boy Bear
 will find his place in the world.


  • Reading age ‏ : ‎ 3 - 7 years
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 25 x 28 x 0.29 cm

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