Customised Playground Poster

Style: Digital Supply
Sale price$300.00


Have you seen one of our posters at your local playground or School?

Do you want your own custom poster designed for you?


Bilby Publishing offers a customisable playground sign, that can have 

  • Your logo
  • Your place name (optional Auslan Font)
  • Your colour theme
  • Your choice of signs

We can supply a digital file, or we can have it printed for you 

Standard package

  • Poster size 1m X 1 m (digital file includes bleed and space for screw mounting around border)
  • Your Logo
  • Your title (within size constraints)
  • Your color theme (BKG + sign boxes)

Digital file only : $300

Digital Proof + Print (AU postage inc) : $600

(Shipping inc. supplied as a UV stable waterproof polypropylene print. Does not include frame)


Templates available

Style 1 : No side headings

Signs Included (25) :

          Row 1: You, Want, Play, Help, Finish

          Row 2: Please, Thank you, Happy, Sad, Stop

          Row 3: Toilet, Hurt, Walk, Run, Bell

          Row 4: Turn, Chase, Climb, Friend, Safe

          Row 5: Kind, Sorry, Alright, Drink, Eat

Style 2 : Who, Move, Time, Feel, ?, side headings

Signs Included (25) :

          Row 1: WHO - You, Me, Teacher, Frend, Search

          Row 2: MOVE - Walk, Run, Play, Chase/Follow, Stop

          Row 3: TIME- Finish, Bell, Toilet, Drink, Eat

          Row 4: FEEL - Happy, Sad, Hurt, Sorry, Alright

          Row 5: ? - Please, Thankyou, Want, Don't want, Help

Additional Customisation

Do you ant to make changes? That's fine! Select from a small change to a full customisation:

  • Up to 5 changed signs (includes a rearrange or new signs) :  $85
  • Up to 10 changed signs (includes a rearrange or new signs) :  $135
  • All 25 slots changed: $350


Turn over time

Generally it takes

  • 1 week in exchange of art files and discussions 
  • 1-2 weeks to generate proof
  • 1 week in tweeks and modifications
Printing and shipping will take another 1-2 weeks depending on where you are in Australia

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