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Continuing on from her first book, Carol O"Reilly again brings us the fascinating biographs of 55 amazing Deaf Australians. Stories are accompanied by beautiful Photographs and divided under sections Art and Theatre; Community and Education; Immigrants; Vocational Guidance; Technology; 19th Century and Wartime stories.

This book affirms the words of King Jordan, the first president of Gallaudet University - "Deaf people can do anything except hear"

An inspirational read and highly recommended for students, parents and especially young deaf Australians

INCLUDES : DVD-ROM containing video clips of the following Deaf Australians signing their story :

- Ali Faqirzada - Todd Wright - Alma Waia - Jacob Clarke - David Parker - Bruce Morgan - Michael Atkinson - Gordon Heal

About the author: Carol O'Reilly

Carol was born in Sydney in 1940 to eminent ENT Specialist the late Dr Fredrick Wilkie-Smith. Carol was born daf after her mother contracted Rubella while pregnant. Carol was rase in an oral education and home environment, only learning Auslan in her 20's. Among her many achievements she is credited with bringing Auslan interpreters to the Cains area for the first time through relentless lobbying of government. 

Most recently her attention has been on documenting the hardships and experiences of Deaf Australians, racking up thousands of kilometers across the country interviewing and then writing these stories within two volumes of "Deaf Australian Stories"

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Author:Carol OReilly

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