Double sided Dishwasher Magnet : Dirty Clean in Auslan. XMas sale

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These Magnets Make a great gift! They are on sale till Christmas

How to tell others you are a Sign Language advocate without saying your a Sign Language advocate :)

Double sided Magnet for your dishwasher showing the Auslan sign DIRTY on one side and CLEAN on the other, over a photo of dirty dishes and clean dishes.

Help bring Auslan awareness into your home and workplace

with this beautiful and practical product.


Raise sign language awareness and dishwasher awareness at the same time.

We all have someone in our household who puts dirty dishes in the clean dishwasher or claims they never know if its clean and that's why they do not empty it!

Here is the solution. No more excuses!

This Clean/ Dirty double sided Auslan magnet is easy to use, just flip it over.

  • Side one depicts the sign for clean (in Auslan and NZSL) with a photo of sparkling clean dishes in the background.
  • The other side depicts the sign for dirty (in Auslan and NZSL), and dirty dishes.

Get one for the office and the home. 

Size : 10 x 7 cm 

Waterproof : Yes


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