Grandma Leaps the Antarctic - Teachers Kit + DVD set

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An Australia first, this DVD contains 3 children´s stories written by Hazel Edwards, who also brought us the hippopotamus eating cake and over 160 other titles. Each story is narrated, Captioned, Animated and Auslan (Australian Sign Language) Translated.

The first story, Where Did My Birthday Leap to?, Is a leap year story for Liam. Join Liam as he searches for an explanation as to why his birthday only happens every four years, yet he is the same sizes as his friends in pre-school.

The second story, My Grandma´s Gone To Antarctica, follows the adventures of Grandma as she travels all the way to Antarctic. Where is Antarctica? How will she get there? What will she see when she is there? Who else will be there?

Lastly, The Antarctic Lauchie-berg. A wonderful story that clearly explains the life of an iceberg in the Antarctic Southern Ocean, and the creatures that share its home.

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