Humpty Dumpty - Board Book - AUSLAN EDITION

Style: Book Plus Humpty Puppet
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Humpty Dumpty has never been more beautifully illustrated than in this Signing board book. The full page illustrations depict children acting out the nursery rhyme and signing the Auslan signs.

This book was produced in the UK using BSL (British Sign Language). The one sign that varies from Auslan (Australian Sign Language) includes a sticker in the book with the Auslan sign.

Specifications: book is a board book 21 x 21 cm

Get the book plus the humpty puppet

The beautiful Humpty Dumpty finger puppet is natural fiber filled with elastic at finger entrance to help it hold around your finger and not slip off. Full bodied and beautifully finished

Made by The Puppet Company UK this is a very high quality puppet.

Face is stitched with plastic eyes, but is rated  safe for children under 3

Humpty is large for a finger puppet and measures nearly 16cm tall and 3-4cm thick

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