My Auslan Recipe Book - Volume 1

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2023 Edition

This very popular book has had an update. It is now perfect bound (glue spine, was spiral bound), with a lovely velvet cover. Some sign and also photos throughout the book were updated, as were some outdated links to external resources.

About this book

This innovative book is the first of its kind; cleverly blending Auslan (Australian Sign Language) seamlessly into easy to follow recipes for

  • Anzac Biscuits,
  • Gingerbread man,
  • Pikelets and
  • Pizza.

Each recipe starts with a clear list of ingredients and Utensils required; all accompanied by a beautiful photograph of the item, and a clear, easy to understand illustration of the sign. You will then be guided by step by step instructions in Auslan and English.

Cooking and Food preparation is such a wonderful path way to language development - both orally and through sign language. You not only have access to the very visual stimuli of food to help you explore and develop understanding of nouns; but also a fantastic opportunity to explore descriptive language.
What does it look like, feel like, smell like?
Is it hard, tender, bumpy, smelly, rotten, fresh, yummy, yukky?
Do you need to do it slowly, quickly, more or less?
Coupled with the opportunity to examine measurements, and learn about dangers in the kitchen; cooking is a language hot pot just waiting for you to jump in and start playing in it” Lee Bilby, Author

Introduction sections introduce the reader to Preparation Signs, like “clean the bench” and important Warning and Measurement signs.

Also includes a food dictionary

After the recipes you will find a large Food Dictionary, which includes over 300 signs! Categories include:

  • Drinks,
  • Fruit and Veg,
  • Ingredients,
  • Utensils and Equipment,
  • Cooking Words,
  • Describing food (like tender and hard, or rotten and fresh), 
  • Food Preparation and 
  • Naming Things - a special section that talks about brand names, cuts of meat and variety names (like Mozzarella, feta and Swiss cheeses). This Naming Things section also includes an introduction to finger spelling, and ‘short hand signing’ or fingerspelling abbreviations.

“Just fantastic. Such a wonderful way to introduce everyday foods, and adjectives associated with food; and just beautiful. The photos are fantastic, right down to photos of the measurements! Very well thought out and delightfully delivered.” Beth : Early Intervention Service Provider



Title: My Auslan Recipe Book - Volume 1 Edition 2
Format:Perfect Bound

Pages: 82
Weight: 365 grams
Dimensions: 215x305x15mm

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