NZSL - English - Maori Children's Picture Dictionary

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Who is this dictionary for?

This dictionary has been especially designed to help children with communication difficulties to use in school, or home, as a first language dictionary for NZSL - English; or English to NZSL, or Maori to NZSL

What signs are included?

  • Farm animals
  • Animals at the Zoo
  • Describing Animals
  • Colours
  • Shapes
  • Drinks
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Where in the house
  • Family
  • Inside Play
  • Outside games
  • Everyday signs
  • Question signs

About each listing

This dictionary was produced as a joint venture between :

Lee Bilby of Bilby Publishing who edited the book, produced all the sign illustrations and photographs, plus descriptions of how to perform the signs

Voice Thru Your Hands, disability and deaf advocacy group in NZ

He Kupenga Hao i te Reo (inc) who supplied the Maori content

Van Asch Deaf Education Center teachers, Parents and students

NZSL interpreters and Deaf community

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