Old Woman Who Swallowed the sea - board book and puppet set

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There is an edition is NOT the AUSLAN edition

Book two of the Old Woman series

This set included the Peek A Boo book of the Old Woman Who swallowed the sea plus the  old woman doll (in her bathing suit) and the sea animals.

About the book 

We have one soft book left. It is a large book (29 X 29 cm). Once sold out the set will come with the board book (12 x 12cm)

Will this old lady ever learn? Having eaten the farm she has gone off to the beach and today she eats a crab, squid, seal, shark,whalethen the sea! I am not kidding, seriously the sea!

A funny book with holes in each page that gradually get bigger to reveal the animal inside her tummy as she gets bigger and bigger.

The last page has the full song.

About the doll and animals

The doll has a large mouth and can actually swallow each of the bean filled animals as you go through the story!

Great to help children visualise what is happening!

Also available:

The Old Woman Who Swallowed the Fly

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