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We are so excited to be able to offer an exclusive pre-order on these Signing Puppets!!

It has taken a year of negotiating to finally be able to offer you these official Sesame Street Signing Puppets! They will be officially released in Oct-Nov 2023 in Australia, and Bilby customers get an exclusive pre-order opportunity to secure your favorites for Christmas

Order now to get the massive discounted we have on offer and postage as soon as we can in October-November.

About the Sesame Street Signing Puppets

WARNING Elmo only has 3 fingers + Thumb.  Cookie monster has a full hand. Many parents are happy to have 3 fingered Elmo as young children are less likely to need the middle finger specifically. So due to popular demand we added him. 

The 65 cm Sesame Street® puppets are easy to operate for both children and adults.

The puppeteer (whether child or adult) inserts one hand through the opening in the back of the puppet’s head ( however their heads are also full of wadding and self supporting, as is the body and legs). By using the movable mouth it is easy to create loads of funny facial expressions and mimics.

With one or both hands the puppeteer is able to slip into the puppet’s hand through the sleeve allowing you to sign through the puppet!. You can also pick things up, clap, wave, or hug.


Elmo: 75cm when standing

Cookie Monster : 65cm when standing

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