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In 2024 we have brought this book back into print by popular demand. It is now perfect bound (was spiral).

Cathy Clun and Daniella Sinclair designed this lovely book depicting aboriginal children signing to help spread sign language to rural communities across Australia, all of which have their own traditional languages. As such, space has been included in this book for the owners of the book to write their community word under the English word.

It depicts everyday signs for family, activities, emotions, and important places. In addition indigenous terms and phrases like corroboree, mob and sorry business.

About the author: Cathy Clun

Cathy Clun is a foster-carer of nine children, through her efforts to help children in need, Cathy is constantly updating and acquiring new skills and resources to meet the needs of the many children who have needed a home. In her efforts to provide a supportive environment for her children, Cathy organised a basic signing book to meet the multicultural needs of children in North Queensland, enlisting the help of artist and illustrator Danielle Sinclair.

At the time Danielle met Cathy, Danielle had completed a diploma of creative arts and began studying a bachelor of social work, making a commitment to help people and the community. Danielle while studying full-time volunteers in her local community and provides respite care for foster families. Through their friendship and commitment to children they have created this book as a tool to help with communication and understanding.


Full word list: angry, aunty, baby, bad, big, boy, brother, brush hair, brush teeth, bus, car, careful, clean up, clothes, cold, come, corroboree, father, doctor, drink, easy, eat, elder, finish, get dressed, girl, give, go, good, goodbye, grandfather, grandmother, happy, hard, help, home hospital, hot, inside, listen, little, look, love, man, me, mob, more, mother, mine, naughty, no, outside, phone, please, quick, sad, said, scared, school, see, share, ill, sister, sit, sleep, sorry business, sorry, big, stop, swim, table, teacher, thankyou, toilet, uncle, wait, walk, wash face, wash hands, what, where, woman, yes, you, your


Title Simple Signs
Auslan - Australian Sign Language for Communities
Format Perfect Bound
Pages 94
Weight 180 grams
Dimensions 150x210x15mm
Authors Cathy Clun and Danielle Sinclair
Illustrator Danielle Sinclair
First Published November, 2016
ISBN 9781921391873
ISBN10 978-1921391873

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