Time Telling in Auslan - Analogue and Digital Time Teaching Kit

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This kit has been designed to help you teach children to tell time in Auslan. It is perfect for deaf and hearing children, but also as a supplement to an Auslan LOTE program.

The kit includes everything you need to teach children, including:

  • 1 copy of Teaching Time Manual - a 16 page step-by-step teaching guide;
  • A large two Faced Clock (26cm in diameter),
  • Fun With Time Box Set :Includes 32 card pairs (12 o'clock pairs where one half pictures an activity and time in AM and PM. Plus 20 more complex pairs, that display both time in digital format and words;
  • Minutes Past/To Board
  • 1 set of Auslan Time Cards (includes 1-12 o'clock cards and cards for all 5 minute intervals, A PAST and To card, Quarter, Half, and Three Quarter card.

The manual includes instruction sections and teaching tools under the stage headings : Numbers 1 to 12; O'clock Times; Quarter, Hale and Three Quarter times; Numbers 1-60, Analogue Time (Minutes past and to); Digital Times.

It also includes other useful signs to help you discuss time, including events that occur at different times, time question signs, day, night, morning, afternoon and so on.

This kit includes state variation signs and thus is nationally applicable

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