Toddies Tales (DVD) 1 - Auslan Stories for Primary Children

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Produced in Assoc with the Australian Deaf Theatre this DVD includes a wonderful collection of stories performed in Auslan with voice over; and illustrations from the original books.

This DVD includes a wonderful collection of songs and stories performed in Auslan (in Auslan Grammar) with voice over by the Australian theatre of the Deaf and children from the Thomas Patterson School at the Royal Institute for the Deaf.

Stories include:
There was an old woman who swallowed a fly,
Give Me A Home Among the Gum Trees, 
The Farmer and the Fox, 
The Bunyip Who Didn't Like People, 
Butch the Bulldog and Siama the Siamese Cat. 
Are you my mother?
Snow White
The hand
Jack and the beanstalk (Auslan only no voice over)

Approx run Time: 1 hour.

Incredibly popular and ideal for primary children
Also available with volume 2 as a set, and in Books and DVD sets

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