Trainers Auslan Reference (Auslan Dictionary, Workshop Kits, Reference Sheets and more) - A4 size

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Trainers Auslan Reference : Jan 2010 NEW EDITION More than just a dictionary, it’s a resource tool!

The Trainers Auslan Reference now includes :
Auslan Dictionary : A copy of the new Auslan Dictionary for Teachers, Parents and Professionals (featured under Dictionaries); with over 1300 sign images; and includes descriptions of how to perform signs, hints to help you remember and teach the signs; state usage and context information.
Auslan Workshops : This section includes information on finding venues, Fundraising and other support mechanisms for Auslan workshops for children; as well as seven separate workshops (Introducing Auslan; Animals ~ Pets, Numbers 1 to 10; Colours; Clothes; Fruit and Alphabet), each including teaching notes in
detail, including information for different age groups, a teacher quick reference dictionary that includes teaching hints for each sign, plus
descriptions of signs; and activities plus handouts for your children. These sections are abridged
versions of sections from the Auslan LOTE Teaching Guide—stage 1. Also included are sections on ‘going further’ and example class plans.
Quick Reference Sheets : the Alphabet, Colours, Toddler signs and Break Time Reference Sheets (Laminated); plus Animal and Emotion Dice.
Hearing Awareness Kit for Primary Schools
Hearing Awareness Kit for High Schools
CD of 860 Auslan images ready to use in your documents
Plus we've added CD/DVD storage pockets; a binder wallet, great for storing props and flash cards.

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