Visual Timer with red disc (160mm square) (Battery Operated)

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A new larger screen timer for the

classroom, workplace and home

Stand it! Stick It!

Magnetic : Easily attach it to a metal surface like the classroom or meeting room white board; fridge or filing cabinet with a strong magnetic backing.

Perfect for classroom, kitchen, or workplace meeting room.

Hang it : Key holes at back for easy hanging on wall

Angle or straight stand:  Pop out stand allows for angle standing on a desk or less stable surface, or just stand it on the desk straight 

Size and Specs

Dial/Red Disk diameter: 90 mm

Clock Size: 160 X 160 X 30 mm

Batteries:  2 X AAA (supplied)

Box : 165 x 165 x 45 mm, 350 grams


Easy to use with sound and silent (deaf options)

60 minute Visual Timer

Bright red disappearing disk with adjustment knob at front

Volume adjustable alarm 

Low or high modes or silent mode (light will flash at end for approx 30 seconds- great for deaf users)

Touch / Capacitive Button Off Switch

At end simply tap the capacitive button at front to silence or it will times out itself


Pause During Countdown - Need to take a break half way through your timed event? Pause your timer during the countdown by pressing the play/pause button. Countdown will continue where you left off by pressing the play/pause button again. 


What are they great for?

In the Classroom

In the classroom, it’s great for everything from timing tests and turn-taking exercises to timing group activities to helping kids with special needs stay on task.

At Home 

Help your children visualise time during daily routines and tasks. Great for homework, study sessions, or baking. Excellent for children on the spectrum who find routines and time management difficult to visualise!

Reduce conflict and Time confusion through visual time management of activities and sharing times

    Therapy Sessions

    Help adult and child clients alike to easily see the time remaining in a task or session and reduce time stress.

    Workplace time management

    Time Management: Keep meetings, presentations and appointments on schedule.

    Increase productivity by breaking projects and daily tasks into into manageable segment. Great for those using systems like Pomodore.


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